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Deniece Cornejo’s Mugshot Revealed After Her Surrender to PNP! [Photos]

Deniece Cornejo MugshotDenice Cornejo, the alleged rape victim of Vhong Navarro finally surrenders to PNP past 4 p.m., yesterday May 5, 2014 for the illegal detention case.

Rhoanne Aguilar Denies Friendship with Roxanne Acosta!

It was reported earlier that there’s a witness to the rape incident of Roxanne Acosta aka Roxanne Cabanero by host/comedian Vhong Navarro. This witness is also a beauty queen enthusiast named Rhoanne Aguilar

rhoanne aguilar2

On her Twitter account at @rhoanneaguilar, she cleared out the speculation about her friendship to the alleged rape victim Roxanne. Rhoanne declared that they are not friends with Roxanne.

Just to clarify things, Roxanne and I, we’re not friends “friends” and we don’t hang out at all, I don’t know anything about her.

And I just met her during the competition, we don’t even communicate. I don’t have her number and she doesn’t have my number either.

It just so happened the alleged incident happened during the competition and it just happened that I was outside the hotel at that time. I don’t know if something happened at all. It’s between Vhong and Roxanne.

Meanwhile, Roxanne’s camp has change the details of her affidavit complaint against Navarro.

Her camp has changed the date of the alleged rape from April 24, 2010 to another date. She reiterated that on April 24 she only met Vhong Navarro, and the alleged rape was happened afterwards, her latest statement contradicts the complaint affidavit she filed earlier at the Pasig City Prosecutor’s Office.

The 24-year-old Roxanne Acosta Cabanero’s camp also change the location where she stayed, from Astoria Plaza Hotel to Goldland Millenia Suites which is near from Astoria Plaza, the first hotel she narrated that Navarro picked her up.

rhoanne aguilar3

Here’s what we come up after these sequence of events from Rhoanne’s statements to Roxanne changed of details:

  • Rhoanne and Roxanne are not friends
  • Rhoanne is still a witness in the rape incident as quoted, “It just so happened the alleged incident happened during the competition and it just happened that I was outside the hotel at that time.” But she has no idea what happened next. The only event she witnessed was Vhong and Roxanne are together on that night. What happened next is out of her sight.

What’s your reaction netizens?


Vice Ganda, Hotel Contradict Roxanne Acosta’s Rape Story; Hotel Denies Housing Pageant Contestants

MANILA – Former pageant contestant Roxanne Acosta Cabañero‘s version of events surrounding her alleged rape by actor-host Vhong Navarro four years ago came under fire Sunday after two sources contradicted some parts of her sworn affidavit.


In an interview with “Buzz ng Bayan” host Boy Abunda on Sunday, comedian Vice Ganda said he was in Island Cove, a resort in Cavite, on April 24, 2010, the same date that Cabañero claimed she was raped by the “It’s Showtime” host somewhere in Pasig City.

“Nung araw na nagpunta sila para mag-promote ng pageant [sa ‘It’s Showtime’], hindi ko na po ‘yun naaalala. Nung nalaman ko ‘yung date, ipinaalala ng mga tao na concert ko ‘yun at guest ko sila Kean Cipriano and Vhong Navarro. Sa Cavite po ang leg ng concert ko na ‘yun,” he said.

“Kung nagsisimula ng 9 p.m. maaaring matapos ako ng 12 midnight or baka mas mahaba pa,” he added, noting that Navarro stayed until his final production number.

According to Cabanero’s affidavit, she was with Navarro in his car at around midnight on that day.

In a separate interview aired on “Buzz ng Bayan,” the management of the hotel where Cabañero and the rest of the Miss Bikini Philippines candidates were supposed to have been checked in on the night in question denied that they housed the beauties almost four years ago.

Also talking to Abunda, Astoria Plaza project director Ric Valenzuela said the event was indeed offered to them but this did not push through.

“Actually that event was offered to us but unfortunately the event organizer was asking for too many rooms because of the candidates. We could not accommodate them all. We have limited rooms here. We declined the offer of the promotion,” he said.

In Cabanero’s sworn affidavit, she mentioned that on the night of April 24, 2010, Navarro sent her a message suggesting that they meet at her hotel room in Astoria Plaza in Pasig City but she declined because she was with her fellow candidates.

Valenzuela, however, said this could not have been possible.

“They decided to transfer to another hotel. We did the negotiations with the event manager but it didn’t push through… That one is confirmed because I was the one who negotiated for that. Confirmed na we declined because we cannot provide the rooms,” he said.

Valenzuela said the hotel management also checked their records to see if a certain Roxanne Acosta Cabañero was checked in at their hotel around that period.

“We checked the database. These are the arrivals and guestings from April 22 to 25 para covered because we don’t know how many days. There was none. There was no Roxanne Cabanero,” he said.

However, he conceded that it is possible that someone checked in for her or that she was merely a guest of one of their clients.

roxanne acosta scandal2014

Last Wednesday, Cabanero filed a rape case against Navarro at the Pasig City Prosecutor’s Office. Her legal counsel, Atty. Virgilio Battala, told media that the alleged rape incident happened in 2010.

-source: ABS-CBN News-

Netizens Plead LGU of Cebu and Davao to Declare Roxanne Acosta Cabanero Persona Non Grata!

Netizens stand for they know who’s right, which party tells the truth and who among them are/is lying! And now, they are pleading to the Local Government Unit of Davao and Cebu to declare Roxanne Acosta CabaneroPersona Non Grata” which literally means an unwelcome person.

roxanne cabanero2

Roxanne is originally from Davao City and went to Cebu and stayed there for many years. She participated in Miss Mandaue 2009. She recently revealed to the public that she was also allegedly raped by host/comedian Vhong Navarro on April 24, 2010 at  Astoria Plaza Hotel, Ortigas, Pasig City. It is a contradicting story since Navarro was a special guest in Vice Ganda’s concert on that same date at Kawit, Cavite. [Read Full story here]

Due to this, in Kapamilya Gold FB Page, a plead was posted that states:

To the local government of Cebu and Davao: Dahil sa pagsira ng inyong kababayan na si Roxanne Cabanero sa dangal at pangalan ng inyong probinsya kaugnay ng kanyang pagsisinungaling at maling pag-aakusa sa aktor na si Vhong Navarro na nabulgar sa programang Buzz ng Bayan ng ABS-CBN, nararapat po lamang na ideklara ng inyong pamunuan ang PERSONA NON GRATA laban sa kanya bilang parusa sa harapan niyang pagyurak sa dignidad ng mga mamamayang Cebuano at taga Davao. Sa ngalan ng katotohanan at hustisya!

Netizens supported the recommendation set by the said page. Cebuanos and Davaoñeos also shared their positiveresponse:

  • Krislyn Escala Marikit Hoy Gaga ka abnormal ka dili ka maulaw giguba lng nimo ang imo kaugmaon tungod sa kwrta ni cedric hoy mangaskas ka ayaw pagsilaw sa kwrta sa mga demonyo. Pati ang lugar sa inyo na mga cebuano nadamay tungod sa imong kababakon ai guro nimo dali ra matuo ang mga tawo sa imong drama ha karon kay katubang nimo si Boy abunda dili ka kalusot sa mga pangutana nya. baga ka ug nawong bwesit ka.
    Lourdess Bacolod Veliganio sus ginoo q pakaulaw lng naa payy ilok ai pwwerting itoma mas puti pa ang ilok sa amo iro dre ,ug iring hahahaha
    roxanne acosta scandal2014

Persona Non Grata is a legal term used in diplomacy that indicates a proscription against a person entering the country or province or city or municipality.

Do you agree with them?


Deniece Cornejo Strikes Again: “Vhong Navarro Raped Me Twice”

CHANGESDeniece Cornejo now declared to the public that she was raped TWICE by host/comedian Vhong Navarro! Isn’t amazing? – NO!, Isn’t surprising? – NO! Isn’t it?! KNOCK OUT!

deniece milinette cornejo and cedriccornejo speaks upIn a counter affidavit, Deniece (who seemed to dislike the exposure of another alleged rape victim, Roxanne Acosta) claims that she was raped by Navarro twice:

  • January 17, 2014 (the night that Deniece performed an oral sex as what Navarro said)
  • January 22, 2014 (the mauling incident with Cedric Lee‘s Group in Deniece ‘s Condo)


On her counter affidavit, Deniece narrated that: “I initially did not say anything about the rape on the 17th because I was very ashamed about it. I did not want everyone to know that Kuya Vhong had entered me and had forced himself upon me.”

The reason behind the change of statement regarding the January 17 incident was due to Navarro’s statement that she performed an oral sex. Deniece denied it and rather insisted that she was raped for the first time!

She also had doubts to the elevator CCTV Footage obtained by the NBI and describe it  as “unauthenticated, evidently tampered and altered.”

Rape Incident Filed by Roxanne Acosta Against Vhong Navarro Impossible?!

IMPOSSIBLE- The only word that describe the rape allegation by Roxanne Acosta against Vhong Navarro if based on the day the rape incident happened!

roxanne acosta scandal2014According to Roxanne on her Affidavit of Complaint against Navarro, the rape incident occurred on April 24, 2010 in Astoria Plaza Hotel, Ortigas, Pasig City around 10:30 PM to 11:30 PM but former wife of Navarro, Bianca Lapus revealed on Twitter that on that night Vhong was a special guest in Vice Ganda‘s May Nagtext May Show Ako concert together Kean Cipriano at Island Cove in Kawit, Cavite. How can Vhong rape Roxanne in Pasig City when  he’s in a far away place like Kawit, Cavite- TELEPORT RAPE?  [see the video below]

The said concert ended around 2:00 am in the morning as tweeted by Cipriano and by that, according to netizens, the rape incident never happened.

Roxanne Cabanero Acosta aka ‘Raina’ Scandal Circulates Online Again! [PHOTOS]

The 2nd girl who files rape charges against host/comedian Vhong Navarro is again trapped in a scandalous speculations as her alleged scandalous photos are now circulating online again!

roxanne cabanero vhong2After freelance model/motivational speaker/entrepreneur Deniece Cornejo, Roxanne Acosta or most popularly known as Roxanne Cabanero, a beauty pageant enthusiast who was disqualified in Bb. Pilipinas 2011 has come out and announces that she was a rape victim four years ago!

Roxanne revealed the rape charge against Navarro in her Affidavit of Complain which was aired and delivered during an exclusive interview with Noli de Castro in DZMM. The affidavit states that:

roxanne-cabanero-affidavitroxanne-cabanero-affidavit2 roxanne-cabanero-affidavit3 roxanne-cabanero-affidavit4 roxanne-cabanero-affidavit5 roxanne-cabanero-affidavit-5a roxanne-cabanero-affidavit6-a roxanne-cabanero-affidavit7 roxanne-cabanero-affidavit9 roxanne-cabanero-affidavit61

The complaint is now awaiting for  a  preliminary investigation at the Pasig Prosecutor’s Office. Cabanero’s lawyer is also a Certified Public Accountant and a former Chief of the Counter Intelligence Unit of the Southern Police District-NCR.

roxanne acosta scandal2014

Today, photo scandal of Roxanne Acosta with alias Raina has once again elevated online and attracts netizens’ attention. Check out the photos above and find out if she’s the one!