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Korina Sanchez Is Not Suspended, ABS-CBN Insider Says

TV Patrol anchor woman Korina Sanchez is not suspended from her news program according to an ABS-CBN Insider, but this report is not official!

Korina-SanchezIt was reported yesterday that Sanchez has been temporarily axed by the ABS-CBN news program management due to her controversial attack via radio program on CNN News anchor Anderson Cooper about the latter’s reports on the situation of the rescue and relief operation of Yolanda survivors in Tacloban. Sanchez described Cooper in a blind item as a blonde reported who does not know what he is talking about. Due to this event, the award-winning female host/newscaster was  lambasted by netizens on Twitter.

But this is not the reason behind her absence in her  TV and radio programs, Korina according to insider is in fact in two-weeks vacation and it was her who requested the vacation and not because of the network’s decision.

The wife of the DILG Secretary, Mar Roxas is also in missing action in her DZMM radio program Rated K which is currently replaced by Jasmine Romero. She is also taking a rest in TV exposure in news program TV Patrol where Bernadette Sembrano takes temporarily her seat.

Korina Sanchez Featured On CNN News For Attacking Anderson Cooper! [VIDEO]

Korina Sanchez has been featured on CNN News with a headline Anderson Copper defends Philipines Coverage, Filipina host (Korina Sanchez) attacked him for something he never said.


The TV Patrol anchorwoman is reportedly taking a leave of absence from the news program. The reason? You figure it out! [FULL DETAILS]


Korina Sanchez To Take One-Week Leave of Absence From TV Patrol ; Vacation or Suspension ?!

ABS-CBN news anchorwoman Korina Sanchez is reportedly taking a one week leave of absence from her news program TV Patrol.

According to reliable sources, Korina will not be seen in the said news program for one week due to the award-winning newscaster’s request for a vacation. But some insiders say that she will be taking a one-week rest due to the negativism and bad image she got after her blind item over CNN News anchor Anderson Cooper whose reports she described as false and inaccurate saying, “That blonde newscaster does not know what he is talking about”. Due to this, Korina was lambasted by netizens  and insiders say this is the real reason that she will take a rest from TV exposure. [Click for the Full Story]

korina sanchez leaving tv patrol

Netizens, do you believe that Korina’s absence is for vacation (as she requested) or is it a punishment for her remarks against Mr. Cooper? Let your voice be heard!

Anderson Cooper Responds To Korina Sanchez’ Comment; Urges Her To Visit Tacloban [VIDEO]

CNN News Anchor Anderson Cooper responds to Korina Sanchez‘ comment about his alleged false reports on Tacloban situation particularly the rescue and relief goods operation for super typhoon Yolanda‘s victims. He urges the TV Patrol anchor woman to visit the Tacloban herself!


Mr. Cooper’s response today started when Korina reacted to the CNN news anchor’s report quoting, “There is no real evidence of organized recovery of relief. It is demolition not a construction job here. I have not seen a large Philippine military presence out around here. The search and rescue never materialized. There are mothers searching for their children, it is a sickening sight five days later.” [WATCH VIDEO BELOW]

TANSCRIPT of Mr. Cooper’s Report:

“As for who exactly is in charge of the Philippine side of operation, that is not really clear.

“I am just surprised.

“I expected on this day five, I thought I may have gotten here very late, that things will be well in hand—it does not seem like that.

“People are desperate, they do not have any place for shelter.

“It’s very difficult for people to get food, neighbors are helping out neighbors, water is in short supply.

“It is a very very bad situation here.”

“The doctors there said they did not have enough food.

“They did not have enough water for the hundreds of people they were seeing every day.

“They didn’t have enough medical supply.

“That’s a clinic at the airport.

“If any clinic in the entire disaster zone should be able to receive aid quickly and easily, it’s the clinic at the airport.

“And they were not getting it.

“I don’t know what the situation there is today, but I certainly pray to God that it is a better situation than it was even two days ago.”

The TV Patrol main newscaster on her Radio Program revealed an interesting blind item about a blonde newscaster whose reports about situation in Tacloban are false and inaccurate saying, “Anderson Cooper doesn’t know what he is talking about”. [WATCH VIDEO BELOW]

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In response to this, today Mr. Cooper who seemed emotional urges Sanchez to visit Tacloban instead.

“She’s also not a broadcaster, she happens to be the wife of the Interior minister who’s overseeing the relief effort on the ground.”

“The wife of interior minister who’s over seeing the relief effort on the ground, the Sanchez seemed on mistaken impression that I said I saw no presence of the Philippine government on the ground in Tacloban. I never said that obviously I’ve been in Tacloban for days and I’ve been in fact interviewed of a very heroic of a navy captain, Capt. Santiago who’s going out helping people I’ve seen the work has been done and the work it isn’t done perhaps even as importantly. Miss Sanchez is welcome to go there and urge to go there. I don’t know if she has but her husband is incharge I’m sure she can arrange her flight.”

Watch the video below:

Now, whose voice do you want to hear? Is i from Ms. Korina Sanchez who is now in Ormoc to deliver us the situation on that certain location or we should lend our ears and eyes to Mr. Anderson Cooper who is in Tacloban and reporting on location where the super typhoon Yolanda hit thousand of Filipinos?!

Korina Sanchez Lambasted by Netizens For Slamming CNN News anchor Anderson Cooper

ABS-CBN news anchor Korina Sanchez gets criticisms from the netizens after she slams CNN news anchorman Anderson Cooper who tweeted about his experience in Tacloban particularly the slow rescue operation by the government.

kORINA VS COOPER & DAVILABecause of Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), local and international media personalities are now talking about the Philippines. Most of them are in Tacloban City today, Nov. 14, 2013(Philippine time) where the Super Typhoon landed last Friday morning.

The Philippine government is working so hard to help the victims of Yolanda, but it seems that the government’s effort to help the needy in Tacloban City are not enough. The tweets of Anderson Cooper, one of the ace reporters of CNN who is now in Tacloban City to cover the damage and distribution of relief goods, are proof of the government’s failure.

There is no real evidence of organized recovery of relief. It is demolition not a construction job here. I have not seen a large Philippine military presence out around here. The search and rescue never materialized. There are mothers searching for their children, it is a sickening sight five days later.

Anderson’s tweets have immediately spread in local media after a few minutes of posting. Incidentally, the tweets have also read by Korina Sanchez, wife of DILG Sec. Mar Roxas who is also in Tacloban City to assist the victims of super typhoon Yolanda.

Ms. Korina Sanchez denied the allegation of Mr. Cooper. “Anderson Cooper doesn’t know what he is talking about,” said the local but popular broadcast journalist.

In the middle of dispute between Korina Sanchez, Anderson Cooper and the netizens, ABS-CBN News anchor Karen Davila tweeted her belief about the issue. “I believe, Anderson Copper was reporting exactly what he saw and got news first hand from those waiting for relief,” Karen Davila tweeted. [source: examiner.com]

Korina is now lambasted by the netizens after her blind item on her radio program was aired pointing out in a somewhat “bitter manner” about a “blonde reporter of CNN” who reported false information regarding the situation in Tacloban.




What’s your opinion with this issue?