Due To BBE Myrtle Sarrosa Will Be the 2nd Tricia Santos and Roy Requejo Might Grab the Big Winner Title!

For the very first time, Pinoy Big Brother implements the vote to evict or BBE for the finale or the much-awaited Big Night of PBB Teen Edition Season 4! Come to think of it, vote to evict when no one will be  evicted  anymore! Common, where’s Kuya’s mind?!

The consistent top-notcher Myrtle Sarrosa is in danger zone dramatically! If she has more than 300,000 likes in her official FB account (This is the FB which founded on April 2012), unfavorably, this cosplayer gets numbers of  active haters and  bashers.  Haters that seemed to be the 2nd most annoying and persistent bashers ever in PBB Teen Edition history (ofcourse Tricia Santos‘ haters are the most among the worst). Apparently, these people are not intelligent at all. Why we say that?! Check out our reasons below (some are in tagalog para mas maintindihan).

Reason why they hate V.S. Reasons why it’s mistake!

 *The make-up issue is non-sense when all of the housemates are doing it! If  she over-do it,  then that’s not a problem. Celebrities and rich women are doing  it more!

*Being a playing-safe housemate is debatable. Keeping in silent from petty fights is not coward but giving respect not only to the other party but the house itself. Ang pagiging mabait at hindi palaaway ay hindi batayan para sabihin mong hindi siya nagpakakatotoo. That’s the most lame reason if you think about it.

*Malandi, maarte at nasa loob ang kulo.  These are also some foul labels towards Tricia before but take into the reality and this present time, Tricia is way opposite to these descriptions. For Myrtle, na patago kung magka-hawak ng  kamay kay Yves Flores, is that even a  problem, is this a gesture for boyfriend/girlfriend  only?! People, you have a guy friend as well  that you can  hold  your hands. So hindi malandi  at  maarte ang nagpapahalik  agad  sa isang lalaki  na  hindi mo pa boyfriend at hug mo ako hug mo ako  statement niya?!  Yes, we’re referring  to Karen Reyes since  most of these haters are her fans.

*Plastic. Can you define this one?! Is backstabber synonymous  to plastic? Absolutely! But Myrtle is definitely not a backstabber, she goes after to the situations and directly tell those involved parties ab out her opinion and reaction to them. Is that  even being  a  plastic? Who are backstabbers?! Proof has spoken, the Alpha G’s Kit Thompson, Tom  Doromal,  Ryan Boyce and Roy Requejo,  Clodet Loreto, Karen Reyes, etc. and even the twins  Joj Agpangan and Jai  Agpangan. But never did Myrtle and Alec allowed themself  to bash housemates behind their backs!

*Bossy- This one is actually admitted by herself which she managed to take advantage to win such tasks. And being  honest with that is a good manifestation of a changing  woman.

Meanwhile, Karen Reyes may also have a big chance of winning if they can exceed the votes of Myrtle but it’s quite 50%/50%. Agpangan twins unexpectedly has weak response from their supporters in terms of votes. So, Roy Requejo who seemed to have good score in terms of public  votes and has the fewest numb er of haters, the Big Winner title may end up given to him as he badly needs it.

92 thoughts on “Due To BBE Myrtle Sarrosa Will Be the 2nd Tricia Santos and Roy Requejo Might Grab the Big Winner Title!

  1. ewan ko ba… i really dont like myrtel, plastik, aral n aral ang pinapakita. puro emote. purp arte.. tapos ung mga fan namn galit n galit pag pinipintasan si myrtle, knya knya lng opinion yn..wala mgagawa ang fans nya kung mraming naartehan sa kay myrtel same as wla dn mgagawa ang fans ni karen kung ang myrtel fans arteng arte kay karen..for me roy ang bet ko.. hes the true example ng kbataang pinoy ngaun ngtatrabho at nag papakahirap pra lng matupad ang pangarap 5.1 million n ang child labor ngayon sa pinas, isa s pinkamalking problem ng bnsa ngayon, at si roy ang nag symbolize s ganoong problema natin ngayon. bsta kung sino mataas ang boto pra sakin un ang pnalo. kac kaya nga my botohan pra mlman kung ano ang kagustuhan ng nkakarami hindi ung kung ano lng gusto natin….and tma din ung isang comment na nbsa ko dito dapat tlga BBE pra d one sided ang results

  2. go myrtle

    Kaya ITODO niyo na ang pagboto ito na ang huling araw ng pbb teens edition 4.. Sinuportahan natin siya simula sa simula hanggang sa huli .. Nadala natin si MYRTLE sa BIG 4 .. Ngayon pa ba tayo susuko? Siyempre hindi! Tayo taong bayan ang tutupad sa pangarap ni myrtle na maging TEEN BIG WINNER kaya sana wag natin siyang biguin.. GO MYRTLE GAIL SARROSA ikaw ang TEEN BIG WINNER NAMIN.

    lhaydielynne :D

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