Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Season 4 Second Nomination Results: Karen, Myrtle and Nikka To Face Eviction!

It an all girl battle this time who will face the 2nd eviction as Myrlte Sarrosa, Karen Reyes and Nikka Javier are in danger after they listed in the 2nd nomination night of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Season 4.

Prior to nomination, female teen housemates gathered around and discussed about Myrtle’s being bossy during their weekly task by which they failed to win. Clodet Loreto even said that she’s not that good looking without her make-up on. Fellow nominee, Karen asserts her dislikes against the Cosplayer like being over-acting while  Mariz Raneses who was nominated last week was the only housemate who seemed to have a heart and understand Myrtle as she reveals to Kuya in the confession room how sorry she was for joining the discussion against the Cosplayer of Iloilo. Claire Bercero who was also nominated last week was one of the initiators but when Myrtle asked her (among others) if is she the one they are talking to. They just denied it. From the boy’s point of view, only Ryan who once admired Myrtle gave her 1 point for being O.A. Due to this event, Myrtle and Karen are hot trending topics for the night.

Common grounds why they are nominated:

Nikka Javier– Male housemaes pointed her again as plastic. She received 8 points.

Karen Reyes– Some housemates again stresses her big mouth who is insensitive in some ways. She got 7 points.

Myrtle Sarros– All girl housemates nominated her except Mariz due to her being bossy and over-acting. She garnered 10 points.


There will be no Bye Karen for next eviction but Bye Nikka for sure. Her future eviction may due to the fact that Nikka has the fewest number of supporters. Myrtle will possibly top the results with more than 50% votes and Karen will be on the 2nd spot and save.

To save your nominated housemate, text BB (Name of Housemate) and send to 231 for Globe, TM and Sun or 2331 for Smart and Talk ‘N Text, allotted vote per day is total 30 votes per SIM card, while others can vote online via

Who will follow Vince Manlapaz in the outside world?!

55 thoughts on “Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Season 4 Second Nomination Results: Karen, Myrtle and Nikka To Face Eviction!

  1. nkktawa mga comment d2… kailangan pla plaaway k pra msabing nagpapakatotoo? dpat bungangera? pag mbait playing safe? wagas

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  6. kit bat mo iiwan c karen mahal na mahal ka non ehhhh alam natin na masama ang ugali nia but maganda naman ang pag mamahal nia sau ….

    mertle ako na nag mamakaawa paubaya mo na c kit kay karen

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